Jacuzzi '07 Legrein

Jacuzzi '07 Lagrein

$28.00 a bottle

I've recently discovered a new favorite wine. I discovered this wine at Jacuzzi Family Vineyards in Sonoma, California. A red wine varietal called Lagrein. This red grape is native to northern Italy. Just north of Bolzano, near the border of Austria. Outside Italy this varietal is rare. With only 15 producers in Australia, found only in the cooler south-eastern regions. A few plantings in California and only five acres planted in Oregon. Lagrein produces a very deep rich red color wine. This wine contains lots of intense flavors. Jacuzzi Winery gets their Lagrein grapes from a vineyard in Paso Robles which receives less than eleven inches of rain per year. Jacuzzi's Lagrein spends ten months in the barrel to give it it's perfect color and taste. This wine has a fruity sour cherry taste to start and finishes off with the taste of chocolate. Was pleasantly surprised by the chocolate finish, yet it was not too over powering. Jacuzzi's '07 Lagrein is very intriguing and complex with flavors and comes strongly recommended!