Taft Street Russian River Pinot Noir

Taft Street '07 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

$25.00 a bottle

I was invited to attend a great wine event last Saturday April 3rd. at Taft Street winery in the small Russian River Valley town of Forestville, CA. This wine event was Taft Street's "Founders Day" a celebration of the start of Taft Street Winery back on April Fool's Day, 1982. Their wine making all began in a small garage on Taft Street in Oakland, CA. back in the 1970's. Together, John Tierney and Mike Martini began this wine making adventure. At this event I was lucky enough to meet and chat with Taft Street's very talented and humble wine maker, Evelyn White. Evelyn started at Taft Street Winery in 2000. Prior Evelyn had worked at Clos du Bois for twelve years before her move to Taft Street. Taft Street has a large variety of many great wines both white and red, yet the winery still has a very warm small town feel to it. Their Russian River Pinot Noir is definitely one of my favorite Pinot's. This Pinot has strong aroma's of berries and spice. Fruit forward with a very nice creamy almost vanilla finish. Not too earthy tasting. Definitely lots of flavors in this Pinot. The finish on this wine is my favorite part. I strongly recommend this wine and many of their other wines. Taft Street prices are very reasonable compared to many other wineries in the area.