Coros of Mendocino

Coros of Mendocino

An hour north of Sonoma wine country you can find a hidden gem to home of some great wines. Hopland, California produces a signature Zinfandel blend called Coro, crafted from Mendocino county grapes. My first trip up North to Hopland about two years ago I found these Zinfandel blends amazing. Each winery that participates in making these blends follows similar guidelines but each winery's Coro blend is a little different in their make up of what reds are blended together. Mendocino's Winegrowers Alliance developed the protocols to these Zinfandel blends and they have agreed to follow as a group. The base make up of the Coro blends is (40%-70%) Zinfandel. The second tier of Coro blends can range from Syrah, Petite Sirah, Carignane, Sangiovese, Grenache, Dolcetto, Charbono, Barbera and Primitivo. No other varietal can exceed the percentage of the Zinfandel. Making each one of these Coro blends so unique and special.

Coro meaning "chorus" was picked to represent the chorus of Mendocino winemakers coming together blending their skills and wine to produce these stunning Zinfandel blends. Each of these bottles carries the same label, the only difference is the producing wineries name and percentage of the blends make up. The other night @winetom and I opened three of these bottles to taste and compare. These were our thoughts.........................

2006 Parducci Coro
55% Zinfandel 19.5% Syrah 18.5% Petite Sirah 5%Grenache 2% Charbono
  $38.00 a bottle

@SLHousman: Parducci's 2006 Coro was a beautiful glistening garnet red with aromas of cherry and strawberry. Refined and elegant with great structure tasting tart cherry, other soft red berries, green tea, cinnamon and dried plums. This bottle was my favorite Coro of the three we tasted. Definitely elegance in a glass!

@Winetom: Tasting tart red cherry and a hint of spice or oak. Something green so faint I couldn't nail it. Cinnamon pops its head in here and there. Then hints of dried plum in the finish. Balanced acids and fruit harken back to Zinfandel from the mid 80's.

2007 Parducci Coro
 47% Zinfandel 45% Syrah 8% Petite Sirah
 $38.00 a bottle
@SLHousman: Parducci's 2007 Coro was a deep dark plum purple. This wine had dominating aromas of blackberry, and hidden hints of leather. This 2007 was much more robust and heartier then the 2006; tasting of tart black fruits, white pepper and raisins. A very powerful glass of wine that screamed for food!

@Winetom: A very woody nose like a holiday cologne. Velvety on the tongue ,first red berry fruit then a dark brooding fig with raisin elements that kick in. White pepper that is classic of 80's Zinfandel also delights the tongue.

 2009 MCFadden Coro
  65% Zinfandel 20% Syrah 15% Petite Sirah
 $37.00 a bottle

@SLHousman: 2009 McFadden Coro had aromas of candied cherries, plums and vanilla. Tasting bright red cherries with a little woodiness of bark with a prune finish. This bottle was the spiciest of them all with the spice still lingering long after the finish. Definitely a glass not lacking zest!

@Winetom: A big plumy nose with some bark that reminds me of the Santa Cruz mountains. Tasting vanilla and tart cherry being somewhat overpowered by a strong woodiness. Super spicy finish which later turns to prunes. For lovers of darker wine let this one breathe.