Gracianna Winery

Gracianna Winery has a beautiful new tasting room in the heart of the Russian River Valley. Gracianna is a family owned and operated winery with four family member partners, Trini Amador IV who is the winemaker, sister Ashley Amador, and parents Trini Amador III and Lisa. A very close knit family who followed their dreams of building a family owned and operating winery. A remarkable family who always make me feel as if I'm a part of the family. I joined them recently at their new facility and was given their new releases to try. Three impressive bottles, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel all Russian River Valley. 

A truly gorgeous property and tasting room. If you want an intimate winery experience this is a must visit in the Russian River Valley! Their vineyards are right out the back door.

I opened and shared my three Gracianna bottles with @Winetom and these are our thoughts..............

@SLHousman: Enticing aromas of citrus, pineapple, with slight lingering lemon. Tasting first tropical notes of pineapple, slight banana, honeycomb and lite oak. This Gracianna Chardonnay was very structured and had many more layers to it then most Chardonnays. A very nice wine!

@Winetom: Aromas of tart apricot and honeycomb. Tasting sour green apple and tropical fruits, pineapple, papaya, and over ripe banana. Back end is oakey but done in a mindful balance so as to provide structure to the fruit. A perfect Chardonnay for lovers of tart Chardonnay.

@SLHousman: A favorite Gracianna wine of mine. Aromas of seductive dark cherry, smoke, and silky vanilla. First tasting tart, dark cherry and spices. The wine finishes with anise and orange. The powerful spice in this Pinot makes it edgy and tantalizes the palate. I love the huge spice in this Pinot but with age I think the edginess will mellow out and be more smooth to the tongue. A great Russian River Valley Pinot find!

@Winetom: Aromas of smoke, and dark brandied cherry tort with hints of vanilla. Tasting dark sweet cherry, smoke, with a tiny hint of sarsaparilla which lingers through to more prominence in the finish. End is cinnamon, clove, with hints of dried chili pepper and orange peel. High alcohol for a Pinot and it peeks it's head out here and there.

@SLHousman: Great aromas of red berries, raspberries, strawberries, and must. Tasting lots of strawberry and loving how this Zinfandel is not sweet or jammy. Lots of red berries with a very nice balanced tart finish with added red currant, and black pepper. 

@Winetom: Aromas of Strawberry, occasional black pepper, raspberry. Tasting sweet but present with tartness as well. Currant toward the back end with sarsaparilla on the finish. Monstrous alcohol in this baby getting a little black pepper and cinnamon on the finish.

One of our favorite stops in the Russian River Valley because of the intimacy of the winery and quality of the wines.