Foursight Pinot Noir


Foursight Wines 

2007 "All In" Pinot Noir

Anderson Valley

$46.00 a bottle

A favorite Pinot Noir destination of mine is Anderson Valley, California. Over the years I have discovered many great Pinots from this region. Earlier this fall I was able to venture out again to Anderson Valley in search for a new great Pinot Noir and was very fortunate enough to stumble upon, "Foursight Wines" in downtown Boonville, California. I was very fortunate to meet and taste with Co-owner Kristy Charles and hear their family winery story, which all began back in 2006.

Foursight Wines is a small family owned and operated winery in the coastal region of Anderson Valley. I tasted all their wines that day, but fell head over heels with their 2007 "All In" Pinot Noir. They use this poker term to describe this bottle because it is a combination of all Pinot Noir clones grown on their Estate Charles Vineyard. This Pinot is 80% destemmed and fermented with 20% whole clusters and wild yeast. The juice is then barrel aged in 100% French Oak, with 20% first year barrel, 31.25% two year barrels and 43.75% neutral barrels.

This Pinot Noir has beautiful lush aromas of date, black cherry and forest floor. Extremely velvety texture enticing the palate and romancing the tongue. First tasting slight tart cherry and creamy vanilla. Spices and nutmeg bring you to its tasty finish of mushrooms and earth. Foursight's 2007 "All In" Pinot is super structured and smooth making this bottle unforgettable. This bottle is such a great representation of why Anderson Valley Pinot Noirs are so incredible. At Foursight Wines they are big believers of unfined and unfiltered Pinot Noirs. A definite must stop in the Anderson Valley. I owe Kristy Charles, @Kristyat4Sight a big thank you for her hospitality that afternoon and sharing their family wine making story with me.