Paradise Ridge Rockpile Cabernet

Paradise Ridge '06
(Elevation) Rockpile
Cabernet Sauvignon

$40.00 a bottle

I wanted to write my next wine blog on one of my favorite Cabernet Sauvignon's. That would definitely be Paradise Ridge's (Elevation) Rockpile Cabernet! I discovered this wine back in 2006 at Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa, CA. Cabernet is my favorite varietal but this Paradise Ridge Rockpile cab definitely stands all alone. This appellation is located in Northern Sonoma County at the northwest corner of Dry Creek Valley. Rockpile is situated between Lake Sonoma and the Pacific Ocean. The rockpile vineyard is over 2000 feet above sea level. The combination of high elevation, extreme terrain, and unique climate make this appellation unlike anything else in the world. The increasing sun exposure and decreasing moisture stressing the vines, gives these grapes their bold powerful flavor's. This wines aroma is full of deep fruits. Tasting lots of different fruits at first but has that genuine Cabernet finish of tasting rustic, earthy soil. Very hearty, yet very smooth like a good Cabernet should be. I'd have to say the flavor's of this Cabernet are much more intense then most Cabernet's. This is why the Rockpile appellation is one of my favorite's. This is a very exquisite wine!