Trecini '06 RockPile Sonoma Valley Zinfandel

Trecini '06 RockPile
Sonoma Valley Zinfandel

$30.00 a bottle

Trecini Cellars was started back in 1999 by John Vicini who brought his passion for wine making from the town of Jera, Italy. Together with his wife Cathy and son David, the three Vicini's ( Trecini ) grow and sell their own Russian River Valley grapes and make their own wines. They make five different varietals Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and this RockPile Zinfandel. I must tell you I am usually not a big Zinfandel fan but only because it usually seems too sweet and jammy for my liking. I felt this Zinfandel was excellent. Last Friday I was very pleasantly surprised when I was able to taste this wine for the first time with the owner John Vicini. RockPile has always been one of my favorite appellation's because the grapes are so stressed that they always seem to produce a wine intense and rich with flavors. This Trecini Zinfandel was excellent and again showing how great the wines from the RockPile appellation can be. Definitely zero sweetness and full of flavors. This wine aroma's were of berries and plum with a slight hint of smoke. First taste of this Zinfandel is of bold but unsweet berries and spice. Wine finishes with an intense earthy plum taste. Love the complexity of this Zinfandel. This Trecini Zinfandel comes highly recommended! I wasn't surprised to learn this wine has won several gold metals.