Anam Cara Cellars

2007 Estate Reserve

Pinot Noir

$40.00 a bottle

I truly had an incredible journey through Oregon wine country tasting many Pinots. I have to admit I was a skeptic of Oregon Pinot Noir before my trip believing there was no way Oregon Pinot could be as good as my ever so favorite Russian River Valley Pinot. Let’s just say I was wrong. I’m ending my Oregon Pinot blog with the very best Oregon Pinot I found. Hence the saying “Saved the best for last.” Two days of tasting numerous Oregon Pinots this 2007 Anam Cara Estate Reserve stood out among the rest. I was told by a few wine friends that this winery had some of the best Oregon Pinot and should be a must stop. I was very eager that Saturday to get to Anam Cara Cellars, to try this “So called best Oregon Pinot.” I was also very excited to finally get to meet winery owner Sheila Nicholas, who knew I would be coming by. Again I met up with twitter friend Jack @NWwines and headed to taste and meet Nick and Sheila Nicholas. Both Nick and Sheila are really some of the friendliest people I’ve met in the wine industry. Literally welcoming me with open arms and a huge hug.

I tasted all their wines that day that were open, but fell in love with this 2007 Estate Reserve Pinot Noir. Truly an exquisite Pinot! This wine has aromas of Rhubarb and spice, soil and earth. First tasting blackberries, slight plum then finishing with a smooth light earthiness. What I love so much about this Pinot, is the complex earthiness I crave in a great Pinot but was elegantly light. Making this a great Pinot Noir to have with or without food. By far the best Pinot I had in Oregon. Sheila Nicholas has definitely earned her name “ Queen of Oregon Pinot .“
I need to send special thanks to a group of twitter friends who helped in my journey to taste that perfect Oregon Pinot Noir. With only a couple days to taste and a limited amount of wineries to visit they definitely steered me in the right direction! Thank You so much for all of your recommendations it was so very much appreciated! Jack @NWwines, Clive @clivity, Tom @WineTom, Tamara @Sipwithme, Beau @UCBeau, Karin @KarinMcKercher. Last but not least a huge thank you to my wonderful mother who accompanied me on my journey and put up with traveling with me for four days, but I know she had fun and we have some great memories!


  1. I have always wanted to a) drink more Oregon Pinot and b) travel to Oregon to visit the beautiful wineries they have there. Your posts were awesome and now have me thinking "when will I visit"

  2. Thank you so much! Surely the best part of making wine is meeting people like you. Keep spreading the word -- and come back soon!