Cana’s Feast

2008 Montagna Rossa

Super Tuscan

$30.00 a bottle

I woke up that Saturday morning on my second day in Oregon wine country very excited to visit the last two winery stops on my list. I was also very excited because I was finally going to be able to meet two Northwest twitter friends in real life, Jack @NWwines and Tamara @Sipwithme. First stop that day was at Cana’s Feast in Carton, Oregon. I had so much Pinot the day before, I was very excited to try some heartier reds that I was told they would have. It was so great to meet both Jack and Tamara. Tamara who works at Cana’s Feast had everything open for us to taste. She also spoiled us with an incredible lunch at the wineries restaurant, Cucina which was excellent. It was so great to get to drink great wines, visit and enjoy an incredible lunch with them.

I did try the Pinot Noir first, which I did enjoy but quickly moved on to their Italian reds. If I had to pick one favorite Cana’s Feast wine, it would definitely be the 2008 Montagna Rossa. Their Super Tuscan blend that Tamara was so generous in sending me home with. This wine is a blend of 60% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Sangiovese Grosso all from the Columbia Valley, Washington.
This wine had nice aroma’s of slight floral, raspberry, and blackberry. First tasting the fruit, raspberry and blackberry. Finishing very earthy of cedar and soil with a slight creaminess. Once this wine had a chance to really open up it became incredibly smooth. This wine would definitely be great with rich foods that would intensify all it’s flavors. I really enjoyed tasting all Cana’s Feast great reds that day. I also owe Tamara @Sipwithme a huge thank you for such a great experience that Saturday! Cana’s Feast a definite must stop in Oregon wine country! Now only one more Oregon stop on my list, Anam Cara.............

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  1. WOOOHOO! Hi Tamara!

    Glad you enjoyed your visit, I can't wait to get up to Carlton later this month ;-p