2006 Dry Creek Valley


$36.00 a bottle

Excited to say this is my very first blog on a Syrah. I have really been enjoying more Syrah’s this year. In the past I have felt food was so needed to be able to enjoy that bottle. Over the last year I have been trying more Syrah’s and finding many great bottles that are smooth and don’t necessarily need food to be enjoyed.
Both Cartograph and Stark Wines share the very hip, new Garagiste tasting room right off the Healdsburg Plaza in Healdsburg, California. When I was invited out to taste at Cartograph wines a few weeks ago I was introduced to Christian Stark owner and winemaker of @Starkwine. A very humble, sincere winemaker full of passion, who in 2003 followed his dream and started Stark Wine. A true artist that reflects so much in his awesome 2006 Syrah.

Starks 2006 Syrah is a blend of two Syrah vineyards, 55% Unti Vineyards and 45% Teldeschi Vineyards. Both vineyards are located in the Dry Creek Valley. This Syrah has strong aromas of fruit, dark cherry, black berry, cinnamon, and oak. First tasting of cherry, black pepper, and nutmeg. This Syrah finishes with light musty oak and creamy vanilla. Really I think this is one of the biggest Syrah’s I have had in terms of flavors and structure. Super bold and hearty, yet smooth enough to enjoy without food. When paring this Syrah with food it only intensified its flavors. A true gem of a wine. Christian also makes two other great varietals that I also highly recommend, a 2009 Russian River Valley Chardonnay and a 2009 Sierra Foothills Viognier.

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