Limerick Lane Cellars

2008 Collins Estate Reserve

Russian River Valley - Red Wine

$52.00 a bottle

It was another beautiful weekend in Sonoma County when I stumbled upon this great bottle. I was out tasting in the Russian River Valley and decided to stop at a winery I had never been to before and taste, “Limerick Lane Cellars.” Limerick Lane has 30 estate acres located on the eastern end of the Russian River Valley just south east to the Dry Creek Valley. I felt very fortunate that day to meet and taste with one of the assistant wine makers Luke. Luke was very knowledgeable and you could definitely tell he loves what he does. He was so excited to inform me about their wines and their whole wine making process. Luke even brought me back into the cellar that afternoon to show me their process and what happens once their grapes arrive to the winery. He even poured me some of their very recent juice straight from the tanks. It was truly a treat for me that afternoon.

In the tasting room I tried some great wines but really enjoyed this 2008 Collins Estate Reserve red blend. This blend is 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Zinfandel, 25% Syrah. A hearty red blend full of rich ripe fruit. This wine has aromas of huge red cherry, slight blackberry, plum, and musty earth. First tasting on the palate huge tart red cherry, with slight dark berries. Finishing with a really nice creamy plum earthy leather taste. Definitely the chameleon of wine with huge changes as it opened up. This was the best part of the wine for me. So full of structure with so many stages to it. That afternoon out tasting just proved to me how many hidden gems there are out there in Sonoma County I have yet to discover. Limerick Lane Cellars also makes some other great wines Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and a Syrah.

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